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I do both digital and Traditional work.

This is also what I've been doing, obviously.
I'm making an attempt to come back after a while of... not. 

Bunch of things have changed. First, I'm not doing so many 2-D works anymore. I' still doing them occasionally but since hitting Uni and choosing a major, I've gone on to more sculpting and carving. 

Second, I have been updating my facebook page and Instagram more often. Both are called QuickSilverVisions. If you wanna see what I've been up to, links are just below. 

Quicksilvervisions on Instagram. 

I'll be updating everything here within the next few days. I haven't been keeping up with DA's new stuff. 

Good to see y'all again, though it seems these pages have really been stripped. 

Journal History


As I lay with you tonight, I will look into your eyes as I do every night, cool and grey like the winter sky. Your skin soft under my fingertips, soft as the finest silk but distinctly alive, breathing, flowing. 

With my arm over you, as we settle and bond, I think every time about your energy. How alive you feel in my arms, how alive you are in my mind and my heart. How cool your sweet skin is against my cheek, my lips, and how hot your blood flows just underneath.

Your soft hair, your smooth cheeks, your soft lips, your clear grey eyes. Alive, alive, alive and here with me. So sweet your words and gentle your touch, so loving and thoughtful you are.

As I lay with you tonight, I will lay in disbelief as I do every night. Disbelief in your existence, in my perceptions. A dream I can touch, a dream I can kiss and hold, a dream that drives love to my very core. 

And so my fingers will pass over your skin, and with hot blood and breath, I’ll know you are alive, and when the morning light breaks the horizon I will wake with you here.  

Living Mercy
Mumbly bumbles. I'll be uploading more skulls later lmao

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I remember your eyes being the color of the winter sky. Overcast with blue and with the last traces of green before the frost. Clear as I could see, and bright. Intelligent, sentient, and they looked at me, the most beautiful eyes of all.

I remember your skin on mine, warm and alive. I remember our nights together. Your sweet, soft skin, your gentle hand on my cheek and your sweet, earnest kisses. I remember our fingers entwined. Firm, gentle, and every move and caress was love defined.

I remember when we made love, the first time and every one after. You were gentle, you cared. Every move we made was loving and passionate, a dance we danced together. You held me tight as we bonded so deeply, burning like lightning strikes.  I loved you. When you gazed into my eyes as we lay together and smiled like victors, bound as lovers, I loved you. Though time was short, we drank up every moment, every instant.

I remember when we lay together with trinkets overhead, I was content. You were warm, you were safe, you were loving. Home, my mind offered, this is home. It fit so well I could not replace the name for the feeling. That contentment, the joy, the comfort. And so you were.

I remember how I held my tongue, how I trapped those words between my teeth as they sang within my heart. I remember the pang of guilt, not yet. Not yet. Not yet ready to run free. Like stallions they railed and fought for freedom, not yet. Soon, I said, soon.

I remember when you said them to me, and suddenly they were free. They poured out like rain, like fire from the mouth of the furnace, burning. I loved you. And you loved me. With those words I placed my heart in your hands with faith.

And now while we are parted I remember these things. I remember my love and how I love you. I remember the feel of your hair through my fingers, the feel of your lips on mine, the feel of your hands and the warmth of your earthly body. I love you and all you are, and one day soon we will be together and we will never have to part again.

My self esteem is like a sieve

Trying to fill with water

With every step it’s hard to live

With no support from another.

I keep expecting her to come home

The engine growling up

My mind denies that I’m alone

Living with a half-filled cup

My difficulties, irrelevant

When compared to one another’s

And you who carries with consent

The carriage of your brothers.

And my mistake, I have to say

That let the happiness flow away

Surely, though, you’re here to stay

And tell me it’ll be okay.

The softness of the warmth you bear

A comfort, rest assured

Luxurious, rich, but oh so rare

And that of paradise’s bird.

But one small push

I’ve lied, you know.

A thorny bush

They do not grow

These hands, my dear

Of worlds and care

Such damage, clear

As scars I bear

These hands that soothe and hold and make

With weapons, should I give

Will to myself the harsh blades take

And bleed and ask if I should live

And so my heart I bare to you

What verdict do you give?

Will I be whole and hold you true

Or bleed out as a sieve? 

Brain puke.

Unfortunately my mind overreacts. Something I've been trying to suppress for years :lol:
My death will not be one of glory. I'm too tired to put in the effort. Nor will it be a death for someone. I'm too tired to care.

I don't want to care anymore. My care is pain to me. The more I care, the more it hurts, and the less I can relate. The more I try to make things right, the more the chaos is apparent. My work is undone, and my care worthless.

Chaos hurts, and I am just a small being in the tide of entropy. My efforts are lost in the waves.

I don't want to care. I'm too tired. I'm weary of this and I've forgotten why things matter. I love and I feel like everyone else, and I don't know why it hurts so much. Why should I be this way if I'm punished for it?

I want to sleep. I want to lay down and sleep and forget. I don't want to have to care. It will be quiet. It will be peaceful. I want to sleep forever, where I can finally rest. I'm so tired, and I fall again and again. Each time it gets harder to rise up and march on. My body is heavy, my head is full.

I'm tired.

I want to sleep, now. Please, please, let me sleep.
Sometimes I get tired. 

My mother told me long ago to be kind to those I met.

I didn’t know their stories. I didn’t know their lives. Treat them well, she said.

I gave the bully an eraser when she had none. She scared me and made me cry. “Coward.”

I drew a classmate a picture, he tore it with scissors. “Dumb.”

I gave the new girl a watch because I heard her say she wanted one. “Faggot,” she said as they called me names.

They took and they took and gave nothing back. My crayons were missing and I stayed behind when they all went to play. I stayed away.

I couldn’t hear their laughter as I cried and tore my skin. I hated myself as my nails tore and tore.

I hated them. They left as I called them friends. They turned away. I went on, but I was no better.

Their knives in my back were cold as they grew into my bones. “What beautiful wings” they said, I couldn’t see. Wings hurt.

I trusted my mother. I didn’t know them. Even as I bled, I gave. I gave. I gave.

A girl who called me friend took away my favorite necklace. I helped a woman in pain and she threw me out when I said no. My fingers bleed as the teeth of the beasts I had fed from my beating, bleeding heart. Empty praise fed me, I marched on unnoticed.

I cry at night. I watch the clock turn back and I see myself torn apart. I hate that kindness my mother cursed me with.

My mother told me to be kind, and that kindness took from me my life.

I hate my mind. I hate my body. And still the people take and take and take. “A wonder” they say as they stuff my blood and body into their greedy mouths.

Parasites, they feed on my bleeding heart. And as I die, they will die with me. 

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