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Comments are appreciated. Favorites are also appreciated.

I do both digital and Traditional work.

This is also what I've been doing, obviously.


EDIT: You have until 2 PM Central time on March 24 to submit your entries. Note that you will only get a skull if I decide to buy your drawing as a print. 

If you win but I don't buy it as a print, you get a handmade necklace of your specifications. 

Contest Entry (Angels) by FallenToRise

Don't let this one discourage you. It's pretty sweet ain't it?

Come on! Have fun with this!

This time though the prizes are a bit better than the last one. I feel I might have undershot the worth of the work.

You can win both Money and a painted skull, something I've been doing lately. You will be paid if I decide I like your submission enough to want a print of it. 

You can enter BOTH contests but you cannot WIN both. 

Contest #1 

I want some art of Angels. However I want something that can be put on my wall. It's not as demanding as the other one, but the prize is also smaller.

Angels Eye ref (shitty) by MagicallyCapricious

Angels Ref 10-8-12 by MagicallyCapricious < Ignore the numbers. They don't make sense.
Angels Anthro ref by MagicallyCapricious

The idea of this is to just make a really nice picture of her. Here are the guidelines:

:bulletwhite: Angels has feathers tied to her mane or under her ear at this point. You are free to do whatever with that.  
:bulletred: A background IS required. I would prefer it to have perspective, but if you don't like perspective then a 2D is just fine. 

:bulletorange: You MUST enable prints with your submission. Even if I don't have it on my wall, someone else might like sparkledogs or something. 

:bulletyellow: Angels NO LONGER WEARS the neck pouch. However she still wears the ring. 

:bulletgreen: Angels's eyes are concentric red circles. Darkest red at the center.

:bulletblue: ALL STYLES AND MEDIA ARE WELCOME as long as you can make it neat. MSpaint scribbles have little to no hope. Chibi, stained glass, painty, realistic, cartoony, doesn't matter to me. If it's neat, it has hope. Nudity, gore, NSFW is also fine as long as it isn't fetishy (Inflation, too much bondage, etc)

:bulletpurple: I like all the themes in the contest below in addition to steampunk. You can go steampunk on this one. 

:bulletblack: If you want to add Foxtrot the Fox, they are mates. Go crazy.
Foxtrot by MagicallyCapricious

:rose: The Prize :rose:

So the prize here is smaller. If I really like your drawing, I'll pay you for a print (you'll get money) and you'll get a necklace. You can request anything I can make. Just go for it. 

Contest #2

I want a poster-sized (Meaning 10"x10" or larger) drawing/photomanip/anything with at least two of the following

:bulletblack: Animal skulls
:bulletred: Zuni fetishes, wolf, fox, coyote, and/or crow (Ex: magicallycapricious.deviantart…
:bulletorange: Dreamcatcher(s)
:bulletyellow: Stars
:bulletgreen: Galaxies/nebulas
:bulletblue: dragon(s)
:bulletpurple: Wolf(ves)
:bulletpink: Fox(es)
:bulletwhite: Any of my characters (For the lazy: magicallycapricious.deviantart…
:XD: Bones, fur, feathers. 
:rose: Native American designs. I don't care which. 
:| OPTIONAL: Spacial mindfuck. Like Escher. 

The tricky thing is I'm asking you for something that's either stylized to my liking or realistic. It can't be shittily photoshopped or (unless you're a master pixel artist), MSpainted. This is a time where I'm not putting in pity points. I want it to be wall-worthy, and it takes a lot to make me want to stare at something every day. They do exist. 

I'll make it worth your while.

:rose:THE PRIZE::rose:


IF your submission is absolutely stunning, wonderful, and I buy it as a print, I will GIVE you one of these skulls assuming they haven't sold. 

If you decide to enter this and I don't decide to buy the winning print, I will give you a small pouch of your choice on my etsy. 

You don't get pity points for this though. I'm serious in what I want. I'll be very, VERY happy to give you a skull and pay you for your print if you get to what I want. You do not win the skull if I do not purchase your picture as a print.


The deadline for both contests is March 23, my birthday. Tell your friends. 

Please tell your friends. I'd like this to be a good contest. 

I will feature you on my journal if you share this contest with your watchers. I will feature five arts and what I think of you. I'm pretty sure I know most of you. 

FEATURES --------------------

Since she stored all her stuff I can't show you what she drew, but she's been a pretty cool person overall and she has improved since I met her.

WIP master study by worrrd
Apple by worrrd
Blue water ice Dragoness by worrrd

This guy has been really cool so far, his art is very detailed and I'm pretty sure he'll be going places. 

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